Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Brief Note On Drugs And The Correctional Institution Of...

ANALYSIS FACTOR TO DRUGS ABUSE IN THE CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION OF SPECIAL NARCOTICSGRADE IIA PAMEKASAN INDONESIA Endang Yuswatiningsih ¹ Hariyono ²  ¹ Community Nursing Department School Of Health Science InsanCendekiaMedikaJombang  ²Medical Surgical Nursing Department School Of Health Science InsanCendekiaMedikaJombang ABSTRACT Drugs abuse excessively without medical indicationwill cause various physical disorders. The factors that cause drug abuseare trial factor, invitation of friends, conflict with parents or broken home, escape from problems or stress load, want to look stylish or confidence, lack of information about the dangers of drugs. The purposes of this research to analysis factors on abuse drugs. The kind of this research was cross sectional analytic. The population in this research were all prisoners abuse drugs aged 20-29 years olds in the correctional institution of special narkotics grade IIA Pamekasan with total samples were 133 respondentsby using method of simple random Sampling. The Instrumentsused was enclosed questionnaire. To determine the most influential factors, therefore the statistical test used was chi squareusing the error rate 0,05. The results of this study, the family factor was less number of 99 respondents (74,4%) trial factor was strong with number of 60 respondents (45,1%), the invitation of friends factor was strong with number of 68 respondents (51,1%), heavy stress factor was number of 73 respondents (54,9%), drug abuse with a high

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